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Breaking Bad Bail Bonds

Breaking Bad Bail Bonds has had the pleasure of sponsoring Steel Fist Fight for over a year.  Having a reputation as one of the fastest and most reliable bail bond companies in Utah, Breaking Bad Bail Bonds offers fast, local bail bond services 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  With Bail Bond agents located in nearly every single county, serving almost every county jail in the state of Utah.  Their average release time once the bail is posted is on average between 20 to 45 minutes.

It can be very stressful hearing that your loved one is locked up and is facing criminal charges in the Utah Justice system.  Let Breaking Bad Bail Bonds reliable, knowledgeable bail bond agents assist your loved one through the bail bonds process with the least amount of worries.

Why Use Breaking Bad Bail Bonds?

  • 24 Hour Contract Bail Bondsman
  • Fast -Scheduled Release Time is 20-45 Minutes
  • Reliable- No need to leave your house, WE MEET YOU AT THE JAIL
  • No Cash? – We Will Work With You.

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